​I offer competitive fees while striving to provide high-quality services. Whenever possible, I offer clients a fixed fees for a task so as to give clients cost certainty in regards to hiring me to do and complete that particular task. 

My service fees listed below are typical fees for subject matter of ordinary complexity, and do not include government-imposed fees (such as filing fees or extension fees). These fees are not intended as having "one-size-fits-all" applicability, as individual cases do differ in, e.g., complexity, number of embodiments involved, and ultimately the amount of time required for conducting due diligence and rendering a high-quality service. I reserve my right to change my fees without notice and negotiate mutually acceptable fees for matters of unusual complexity. 

Patent Services
Typical Fees
Filing a provisional application 
Preparing a provisional utility application   
$500 - $15,000*
Filing a non-provisional patent application
Filing a PCT patent application 
Preparing non-provisional utility patent application
$4000 - $15,000*
Preparing and filing Amendment/Response (responding to Office Action)
$1200 - $4000^
Preparing and filing Appeal Brief 
$2000 - $5000^
Preparing and filing Reply Brief
$1000 - $2000^
Preparing 5-page arguments filed with Pre-Appeal Brief Request for Review (PABRFR) 
$1000 - $3000^
Preparing and filing ordinary Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
Issue fee payment
Patentability/Novelty search (not including pre-search review and discussion of invention disclosure; including analyzing discovered references and furnishing formal search report which includes summary patentability opinion), 
$600 - $2000^
Validity/Invalidity search (not including pre-search review and discussion of target patent claims; including analyzing discovered references and furnishing a formal search report which includes summary analysis of discovered references and summary validity/invalidity opinion)
$2500 - $5000^
Infringement search
$2000 - $5000^
Freedom-to-operate search 
$3000 - $8000^
Hourly rate for other legal services


​​*Final fee for preparing a provisional or non-provisional utility application depends on the complexity of your invention disclosure, the number of embodiments to be included, the number of claims to be drafted, and the quality and the amount of descriptions that you provide. 
** Final fee depends on the number of inventor(s) for the invention(s) described in a patent application, with additional fee required for each additional inventor. 
^ Final fee may be higher than the typical fee or the typical maximum fee as listed.

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Representative Fees