Why Choose Me

JDM Patent Law P.L.L.C.

​Striving to provide world-class quality patent service

​​Patent is such a vital asset for any innovative company, especially for a startup who competes with industry giants to gain entry into a marketplace. Why choose me to handle such important work of yours?  Here are the reasons:

  • I have expertise and proven track record in most, if not all, aspects or phases of patent procurement life cycle. Here are some highlights: ​

    • I had proven track record in prosecuting patent applications at the USPTO, both at the Examiner level and at the PTAB (an in-agency appeal board) level. Sofar in my career so-far, I delivered 100-plus issued patents for clients through prosecution. Many of the patents were issued after succeeding through tough advocacy battles at either the Examiner level or the PTAB level. 

    • I had 12 year industrial experience in computer engineering and thus have extensive domain knowledge in many industrial disciplines, knowledge which helps him to understand the real crux of your invention.
    • I had extensive experience in Inter Partes Review (IPR), a post-grant proceeding. I acted as the lead counsel or a co-counsel in two IPR cases against a fortune 500 company. 
    • I had extensive experience in appealing to the Federal Circuit, having acted as the lead counsel or a co-counsel in several Federal Circuit appeal cases. 
    • I have deep knowledge and understanding of patent case law, as I have been almost religiously following opinions of patent cases issued from the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court since 2005.  
    • I drafted dozens of patent applications from scratch to finish, a patent-drafting process which involved CRITICAL steps such as: (a) asking inventors TOUGH questions about his/her invention in relation to prior art and possible copy-cat designs, and (b) reviewing inventors' responses to those question with a CRITICAL lens formed upon deep knowledge and understanding of patent case law.  
    • I had extensive experience in leveraging Examiner Interviews to achieve results (e.g., advancing prosecution or getting a patent issued). I held over 100 Examiner Interviews, many of which led to issuance of patents. 
  • I am proud to say that conducting preparations aimed at "covering all the bases" is the hallmark of my career. As far as I am concerned, conducting such preparations is the key for any patent case at any forum at any level. Believing in and practicing that philosophy, I devoted as much time as needed to gain a deep understanding of an invention before I performed any work on it. 
    • This allowed me to dig deep into the bottom of your invention and argue your case not based on superficial differences, but based on fundamental distinctions. 
    • This is in contrast to the all too familiar scenario where patent attorneys working in a big law firm, in order to meet their monthly quota of billable hours, churn through large numbers of patent applications without even first adequately understanding the totality and crux thereof.